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Cleaning Pigs larger than 12 inch Cleaning Pigs larger than 12 inch


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Special Configurations Cleaning Pigs up to 12 inch Special Configurations Cleaning Pigs up to 12...


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Standard Magnet Pigs

Ultimate Clean magnet pigs offer excellent cleaning qualities to remove ferrous deposits and debris from the pipeline. Cup or disc pigs extended by strong ferrite magnets are used to collect loose metal components, such as rust, welding rods, mill scale, or other ferrous debris.

ROSEN's Ultimate Clean magnet pigs should be used after a previous brush tool has been run or in combination with brushes. The ferrous debris loosened by the brushes can be picked up with strong ferrite magnets.

Standard Ultimate Clean magnet pig configurations consist of discs or cups extended by strong ferrite magnets. For longer distances (more than 120 miles), ROSEN’s long-run tool types are recommended.

The Ultimate Clean single-bolt configurations are equipped with magnet rings, whereas on multi-bolt configurations, several magnet packs are attached to the central tool body.

ROSEN manufactures steel mandrel magnet pigs in a single-bolt steel body design ranging from 4″ to 14″ and 6″ to 56″ with a multi-bolt steel body design.

Enhancements can be:

  • Long run cup, disc or cup disc pigs (extended steel bodies),
  • Different brushes (with spring supported or circular brushes), or,
  • Gauging plates.


We offer a first selection of Ultimate Clean magnet cleaning pigs via the webshop, all other configurations we provide on request.

Wear-resistant Polyurethane

ROSEN's unique RoPlasthan® urethane material has been specially developed for the cleaning and inspection of pipelines. It offers the highest wear resistance and therefore provides superior cleaning and sealing ability.

All standard cups and guiding discs are made of ROSEN's unique polyurethane brand RoPlasthan® 1200. They have a hardness of 85 Shore A. Sealing discs are also made of extremely wear-resistant RoPlasthan® 1100 polyurethane of shore hardness 65 Shore A.

Optional Magnet Pig Configurations

ROSEN can deliver each Ultimate Clean magnet pigs with a range of additional cleaning components. Enhancements can be:

  • Dual-diameter tools
  • Bypass systems
  • Bumper noses made of RoPlasthan® 
  • ITX transmitter
  • PDL Pipeline Data Logger

Tool location transmitters (ITX transmitters) are mounted on cleaning tools for accurate tracking and location within the pipeline.

A Pipeline Data Logger (PDL) can collect and store data (time-dependent) of:

  • Temperature,
  • Pressure, and,
  • Acceleration.

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