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04" Ring Brush (Circular Brush) 04" Ring Brush (Circular Brush)


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08" Ring Brushes (Circular Brushes) 08" Ring Brushes (Circular Brushes)


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10" Ring Brushes (Circular Brushes) 10" Ring Brushes (Circular Brushes)


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Standard Brushes

Ultimate Clean brush pigs offer excellent performance for the cleaning of the inner pipeline wall by debris removal. Brushes are used to remove rust, sand, scale, wax, and black powder, reducing the inner diameter and decreasing the pipeline capacity.

All replacement brushes are adapted to the inner diameter of the pipeline and provide 100 percent circumferential cleaning.

Different brush types and brush materials are available. You can choose the brushes depending on

  • The requirements given by pipeline (such as min. bend, internal coating),
  • Cleaning purpose (e.g. high-density pencil brushes for wax removal), or,
  • Other preference (e.g. bi-directionality).

All brushes are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or nylon (polypropylene) materials.

Ring Brushes (Circular Brushes)

The ring brushes have a wheel- or circular design that provides complete coverage of the pipeline wall. This way, it can clean the entire circumference of the pipeline. Ring brushes are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or nylon, as well as pencil brush configuration.

Ring brushes are available for pipeline diameters between 4" and 56". Sizes 4" to 14" are manufactured for single-bolt (center-rod-type) pigs and the larger ones for multi-bolt steel body pig configurations.

Pencil Ring Brushes 

The use of pencil brushes can realize high performance and aggressive removal of wax. These brushes are of high density and stiffer than normal brushes. Therefore, they provide efficient cleaning of the inner pipe wall and scraping/pushing wax out of the line.

Spring-loaded Brushes Kits (Pads)

The spring-loaded brush assembly is designed for aggressive brushing while providing flexibility to pass obstacles such as damaged, out-of-round pipelines. The system pushes the brush against the pipe wall to sweep along the inner pipe wall and efficiently remove wax and other debris.

Spring-loaded brush sets are available for diameters from 12" to 56" for multi-bolt steel body pig configurations.

The standard spring-loaded brushes are made of carbon steel brush material.


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