04" Standard Cup Disc Cleaning Pig with Ring Brushes

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  • CLP-SBCD-04-AR-SP00
  • Article no.: 337893
  • Material no.: 337892

    • General Cleaning 0-65 miles

      Designed to remove debris and deposits from the pipeline, ROSEN’s brush pigs offer excellent cleaning results. Pigs with brushes are used for cleaning the internal wall of pipelines to remove debris such as black powder from gas pipelines, or wax, sand and sludge from oil or product pipelines. Additional Cups on the pig can be used where large amount of debris is expected as they provide a so called lift-off effect. ROSEN's unique RoPlasthan® polyurethane material, especially developed for pipeline cleaning and inspection purpose, will offer highest wear resistance and therefore offer superior cleaning and sealing ability.


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